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Magnetic Golf Towels

Your own personal caddie. Take your golf towel with you wherever you go and easily attach it to your clubs, golf cart or golf bag.

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Keep Your Beer Cold!

The perfect option when bringing (or sneaking) beers onto the course. With it's insulated interior your beers stay cold and it conveniently folds up for easy storage when on in use!

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Magnetic Cigar Holder

The swiss army knife for golfers. The magnetic cigar holder/divot tool/ball marker does it all! But most importantly, it keeps your heater safe!

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Improve Your Putting

Finally start seeing results from your putting practice with our putting string line and golf ball alignment market.

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Golf Is All We Do!

We are obsessed with golf just like you, so you can be certain that all our products are geared to meets the needs of golf addicts.

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The Best Golf Products. Period.

We love golf as much as you do! So with every product we produce, we make sure it is something we would use ourselves. If it is not in our own bags, we don't sell it.

That's the advantage of buying golf products made by golfers, for golfers!