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Golf Club Cleaner

Golf Club Cleaner

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Our golf club cleaner and golf ball cleaner easily allows you to clean your clubs out on the course. With it's unique 3 layer design it is a clean and effective way to keep your clubs free of dirt out on the course.

The pouch features an inner layer made of deep cleaning waffle towel, a waterproof middle layer and an outer layer that stays dry. Simply add some water to the pouch at the beginning of your round and the golf club cleaner pouch will stay wet on the inside and dry on the outside.

To use, just simply insert your club into the pouch, give it a brief scrub with the damp inner layer and your club is clean and ready for your next shot.  It is a complete golf club cleaning kit all in one.

It also doubles as a golf ball washer and is a conveniently portable.  Simply attach it to your golf bag and it is always within reach.

It's a golf brush and groove cleaner in one!  Say goodbye to dirty grooves.

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